Laboratory of Sugar Technology

This laboratory is dedicated to research and teaching in the field of beet sugar production technology and everything related to this technology, i.e. solving technological problems, implementation of new processes and application of modern analytical methods. Two research groups work within this laboratory, namely: Research Group of Novel Food Processes and Research Group of Modelling and Simulation of Food Processes and Technological Units.

Name of the head of the laboratory: Dr. Svatopluk Henke

Solution team:

prof. Ing. Zdeněk Bubník, CSc.Prof. Zdeněk Bubník
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Ing. Vladimír Pour, CSc.Dr. Vladimír Pour
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Ing. Svatopluk Henke, PhD.Dr. Svatopluk Henke
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Ing. Tomáš SvobodaIng. Tomáš Svoboda
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Thesis Topic: Design of new technologies based on a combination of chromatographic and membrane separations for the isolation of selected components from food or agricultural products and by-products
MSc. Betim HajdariMSc. Betim Hajdari
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Thesis Topic: Utilization of photooxidation processes in the treatment of industrial waste and sewage
Ing. Petr TruhlářIng. Petr Truhlář
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Thesis Topic: Design and simulation of a separation process for removal of colour substances from sugar solutions
Ing. Pavla Krčová
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Thesis Topic: Preparative chromatographic separation of mannan hydrolyzates
Mgr. Ing. Natália PalugováMgr. Ing. Natália Palugová
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ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6928-5882
Thesis Topic: Chemical and biochemical transformation of sucrose for production of other sugars and sugar alcohols

Overview of research activities of the laboratory

  • Sugar production technology
  • Operational measurements in sugar factories
  • Analysis of products and intermediates from sugar production; Analysis of monosaccharides and oligosaccharides in food materials (Cationic and anionic liquid chromatography)
  • Analysis of sugar and sugar products
  • Analysis of mono- and oligosaccharides in food and feed
  • Membrane and chromatographic separation procedures, modelling and simulation of technological processes
  • Technology of preparation of various carbohydrates and sugar alcohols by enzymatic, microbiological or chemical route, their separation, final purification and concentration

Research Groups

Research Group of Novel Food Processes

The research is focused on modern, promising processes used in food technologies and biotechnologies, in the production of novel foods with added value and nutritional benefits. Emphasis is placed on processes leading to the minimization of interventions in the raw material during food production, processes with minimal water and energy consumption and the possibility of using waste materials.

  • Crystallization from solutions, nucleation, metastable region measurement
  • Measurement of particle size distribution
  • Computer image analysis
  • Sieve analysis
  • Drying and evaporation of food materials (spray dryer, vacuum evaporator with rising film)
  • Development of new procedures for the isolation of carbohydrates using chromatographic methods, industrial chromatography (Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography)
  • Use of membrane separation processes in the food industry
  • Rheological behavior of food
  • Photocatalytic oxidation processes in the food industry
  • Extrusion

Research Group for Modelling and Simulation of Food Processes and Technological Units

As the name implies, this research group focuses on mathematical modelling and simulation of processes that are commonly used in the food industry but also in processes that are still looking for their application in the food industry.

  • Simulation, modelling and balance calculations of technological processes
  • Database of properties of sugar and starch solutions
  • Creating equations and computer programs
  • Mathematical modelling of food processes

The most important industrial partners

Tereos TTD, a.s.

The largest producer of sugar and alcohol in the Czech Republic. It produces up to 370.000 tonnes of white crystalline sugar and 1.400.000 hectoliters of alcohol, whether potable or anhydrous, in two sugar factories and four distilleries a year. Production also includes the production of pellets – livestock feed – and distillery waste, lime shafts as fertilizers, which are returned to the field. The history of the company dates back to 1831, since then sugar has been produced continuously in Dobrovice, which is unique in Europe. Since 1992, the company has been in the hands of French capital (today’s Tereos Group). The only basic raw material for sugar production is sugar beet. It is grown by more than 550 growers on an area of almost 37.000 hectares. The average yield of 80 tonnes of sugar beet per hectare ranks these growers at the level of the most developed sugar countries in Europe.

List of employers and real employment of graduates of the field

Tereos TTD, a.s. (cukrovary Dobrovice a České Meziříčí a balící centrum cukru Mělník; lihovary Dobrovice, Chrudim, Kojetín a Kolín); Moravskoslezské cukrovary, a.s. (cukrovary Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou a Opava); Cukrovar Vrbátky, a.s. (cukrovar Vrbátky); Litovelská cukrovarna, a.s. (cukrovar Litovel); Hanácká potravinářská společnost s.r.o. (cukrovar Prosenice); TERAMED, s.r.o.; Deltima Precision s.r.o.; ED&F Man Ingredients s.r.o. Zvoleněves