Laboratory of Chocolate and Confectionery Technology

Name of the head of the laboratory: Assoc. Prof. Andrej Sinica

Solution team:

prof. Ing. Jana Čopíková, CSc.Prof. Jana Čopíková
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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4814-552X
doc. Mgr. Andrej Sinica, PhD.Assoc. Prof. Andrej Sinica
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Web of Science ResearcherID: AAX-1901-2020
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1700-5150
Scopus Author ID: 55883512700
Ing. Roman Bleha, Ph.D.Dr. Roman Bleha
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Web of Science ResearcherID: AAG-9522-2020
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Mgr. Leonid SushytskyiMgr. Leonid Sushytskyi
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Web of Science ResearcherID: AAX-1841-2020
Thesis Topic: Exopolysaccharides and secondary metabolites of microalgae: isolation, structure and biological activity
Ing. Veronika KotrcováIng. Veronika Kotrcová
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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9659-678X
Thesis Topic: Design of new formulation of chocolate products and confectionery with added value components and their physico-chemical and sensory evaluation
Ing. Tamilla BabayevaIng. Tamilla Babayeva
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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7619-6383
Thesis Topic: Isolation, characterization and applications of glycosaminoglycans from animal sources

Overview of research activities of the laboratory

  • Analysis of chocolate and confectionery
  • Development of new recipes based on non-traditional crops
  • Cooperation with industry and solving current production issues
  • Quality control of cocoa beans, chocolate and topping
  • Monitoring the quality of confectionery (candies, fondants and jellies)

Research Groups

Research Group of Polysaccharides Structural Analysis

  • Isolation and identification of potentially biologically active substances from non-traditional food raw materials (path from fungus or algae to preparation and analysis of active biofilms)
  • Development and application of new polysaccharide derivatives for practice
    Identification of polysaccharides in drugs and food supplements

The most important industrial partners

Pražská čokoláda, s.r.o.

A developing Czech producer of luxury chocolates with innovative recipes. Cooperation on the development of new products within the national project financially supported by Ministry of Agriculture.

Terezia Company s.r.o.

An important Czech manufacturer of a wide range of food supplements based on medicinal mushrooms and plant extracts. Cooperation in the analysis of existing products and raw materials, cooperation on projects such as national project financially supported by Ministry of Agriculture and by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

List of employers and real employment of graduates of the field

Carla s.r.o.; Nestlé Česko s.r.o.; Pražská čokoláda s.r.o.; Hors, s.r.o.; The Candy Plus Sweet Factory, s.r.o. Rohatec; Terezia Company s.r.o.; Technologický park Hořátev – Biomedica, s r.o.; Bioster a.s.