The Department focuses on education and research in a large field of carbohydrates, which represents not only the technology and processing of natural materials rich in saccharides, treatment of agricultural products, but also a further utilisation of by-products and wastes from the food industry.

Following areas form the basis of our activities:

  • The effect of technology and processing on the nutritional properties of food
  • Structure analysis of polysaccharides and their derivatives including their applications in pharmaceuticals and other areas
  • Modern food processes, namely industrial continuous chromatographic separation and membrane separation processes
  • Food production management involves economic subjects applied in food industry, i.e. as management, marketing, accounting, personnel management, enterprise economy, etc.
  • Cereal chemistry and technology including milling and bakery technology, production of fine bakery products, biscuits, crackers, pasta and the processing of non-traditional raw materials, which are important for their nutritional value
  • Sugar technology (sugar beet manufacture)
  • Technology of starch and starch products (e.g. modified starch production, food and non-food applications of starch)
  • Technology of chocolate and confectionery represents production of chocolate, sweets and also chemical and analytical aspects of sugar processing