Food process quality control: Laboratory

This subject – laboratory training – it follows previous theoretical training Food Process Quality Control (S321001). Laboratory training offers practical knowledge in control analytical methods applied in food technology and packaging.

Download laboratory guides:

  1. Control methods of sugar and chocolate processing (1a, 1b)
  2. Control methods of mill technology and cereal (2a, 2b, 2c, 2d)
  3. Control methods of starch technology (quality control of potatoes and wheat starch)(3)
  4. Control methods of processing of fruit and vegetables (electrophoresis of anions and cations)
  5. Control methods of processing of eggs, meat and fish ( quality control of meat and meat products)
  6. Control methods of processing of oils and fats (quality control of triacylglycerols and rancidity)
  7. Control methods of processing of milk (analysis of proteins in dairy products)
  8. Functional properties of food packaging
  9. Particle size distribution and colloidal stability
  10. Rheological properties and texture
  11. Microbiological analysis of food/cosmetic product
  12. Evaluation of bacterial, yeast and mould cultures used in food industry/laboratory
  13. The identification of unknown bacteria
  14. Quantitative determination of lactic acid bacteria in the food product