Department foundation

The Department of Carbohydrate Technology was established on 1st of December 1953 as a part of the Faculty of Food Technology which was founded in 1952. It followed the educational tradition of main chemical and analytical disciplines which had already been a part of tutorial programmes of the Prague Polytechnic long before the independent Food Faculty has been established. The Sugar technology tuition has been provided by professors Karel Napoleon Balling, Karel Preis and Karel Andrlík since the first half of the 19th Century. Before the WWII there already existed a Department of Sugar and Starch Technology lead by the professor Václav Konn, which was a part of the Institute of Chemical-Technological Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Other discipline called Cereal Chemistry and Technology was taught by professor Julius Stoklas who was also a director of the First Research Station of Milling Industry established in 1908 at the Institute of Plant Production and Agrochemistry.

In 1960s, the Department of Carbohydrate Technology was renamed to the Department of Carbohydrate Chemistry and Technology which name has been changed into the Department of Carbohydrates and Cereals quite recently.

Teaching professors:

Prof. Karel Šandera (Sugar Technology) was the first head of the Department of Carbohydrate Technology until 1955, followed by professor Stanislav Zelenka who taught an important area devoted to starch technology and also the subject called “An overview of Food Technologies”. Prof. Rudolf Bretschneider (Sugar Technology) became the head of the Department in 1959, prof. Pavel Kadlec (Sugar Technology) lead the Department since 1981, followed by ass. professor Josef Příhoda (Cereal Chemistry and Technology) in 1993 – 2000. Nowadays the Department is managed by prof. Zdeněk Bubník (Sugar Technology).

  • Sugar technology: prof. Karel Šandera, prof. Rudolf Bretschneider, prof. Pavel Kadlec, prof. Zdeněk Bubník
  • Cereal chemistry and technology: prof. Jan Hampl, assoc. prof. Josef Příhoda, assoc. prof.  Marie Hrušková
  • Starch chemistry and technology: prof. Stanislav Zelenka, Tomáš Prášil MSc., Ivan Bohačenko MSc., assoc. prof.  Evžen Šárka
  • Technology of chocolate and confectionery: Vladimír Rašper MSc., prof. Jana Čopíková
  • Technology of industrial feed (1965 – 1995): prof. Stanislav Zelenka, Karel Čurda MSc. (externally)
  • Sugar chemistry and analysis: assoc. prof. Bedřich Kopřiva, prof. Jiří Jarý, prof. Jana Čopíková, assoc. prof. Andriy Synytsya

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