Laboratory in Advanced Processes in Food Technology and Biotechnology

All protocols and reports from laboratory works must be delivered to teachers before the test (December 11th, 2017).

Your presence at the laboratory works is compulsory and is part of the classification.

All students must wear a laboratory coat.

Students, who cannot participate for some reasons at the laboratory sessions, please contact the individual lecturers. If you will not be able to find an alternative lesson, YOU WILL WRITE A SHORT TEST. Information about the test will be provided by lecturers.

SMB and Membrane filtration

Division of students into working groups:
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1 Van Campenhout Hanne Huang Wenzi Bretagne Damien
2 De Bie Stephanie Van de Weyer Bo Robbe Oscar
3 Bossaerts Liezl De Smedt Sandrien Bardy Sarah
4 Tsao Kevin Hong Shen Dias Gomes Joana Sofia Larmandieu Clement
5 Carlo Meshi ?? (apologies for misspelt name) Pereira Araujo Claudia Thevenot Elodie
6 Therssen Morgan Amaral Bento Cristiana Sofia Lapalus Jean-Baptiste
7 Lobrot Simon Morais Madalena Bleeker Jorrit
8 Scalise Lorenzo

Dates and times of laboratory works for SMB and Membrane filtration:

Please mind the time of a session in the table below

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Thu 23.11. – from 4 to 6 PM SMB
4 – 4:50 PM
5 – 5:50 PM
Mon 27.11. – from 12 to 2 PM - SMB
12 – 12:50 PM
1 – 1:50 PM
Thu 30.11. – from 4 to 6 PM Filtration
4 – 4:50 PM
5 – 5:50 PM

Laboratory course schedule – Erasmus 2017/2018:

  • Ion-exchange chromatographic separation –
    Room – Laboratory BS41 (Basement of the building B, below the Department of Carbohydrates and Cereals)
    Teacher: Svatopluk Henke, PhD.
  • Rheological properties of food –
    Room – Laboratory B70 (Basement of the building B, main entrance from the yard)
    Teacher: Ivan Švec, PhD.
  • Membrane separation processes –
    Room – Laboratory BS41 (Basement of the building B, below the Department of Carbohydrates and Cereals)
    Teacher: Vladimir Pour, PhD.


Division of students into working groups:

This information will be available shortly

    1st group –

    2nd group –

    3rd group –

    4th group –

The list of topics and manuals for laboratory exercises:

  1. Membrane separation: micro- and ultrafiltration
  2. Nanofiltration in food technologies: desalination
  3. PC-control of evaporation process on film evaporator
  4. Computer control of continuous chromatographic separation, data evaluation and acquisition and modelling of the process
  5. Ion-exchange chromatography
  6. Photo-catalysis: degradation of pollutants in waste water from food technologies
  7. Cooling crystallization, PC control, process simulation
  8. Rheological properties of food
  9. Computer Image Analysis
  10. Particles size distribution
  11. Milling, disintegration and sieving
  12. Food texture
  13. Extrusion
  14. Food processing and nutrition value – the changes in chemical composition of cereals during processing