Laboratory in Food Process Quality Control

Summer term, academic year 2017/2018

Time and schedule: will be specified at the beginning of the summer term


Students need to arrange the date of exercises individually after contacting the work leaders by email.

Detailed information to download:

The list of exercises:

  1. Sugar, confectionery
    a/ Analysis of sugars and molasses
    b/ Spectroscopic analysis of chocolate and products with cocoa powder
  2. Quality of cereal milled products
    a/ Properties of composite flour based on wheat
    b/ Solvent retention capacity profile
  3. Starch and starch products
  4. Analysis of fruit and vegetables products
  5. Analysis of meat products
  6. Analysis of proteins in dairy products
  7. Lipid composition in foodstuffs
  8. Functional properties of food packages
  9. Distribution of particle size and colloidal stability
  10. Rheological properties and texture
  11. Microbiological analysis of food or cosmetic product by plate methods
  12. Evaluation of bacterial, yeast and mould cultures used in food production
  13. Quantitative determination of lactobacillus in food

Download manuals for exercises provided by the Dep. of Carbohydrates and Cereals:

Other manuals and instructions are also available on e-learning web pages.