Advanced Processes in Food Technology 2017/2018

Prof. Zdeněk Bubník
Other teachers:
Dr. Hinková, Dr. Henke, Dr. Švec, Doc. Šárka, Dr. Pour
Course: 16 lectures plus 5 laboratory presentation/exercises (+ 1 week for test)



  • Room B32, Mondays: 12:00 - 14:00
  • Room B33, Thursdays: 16:00 - 18:00

Laboratory exercises:

  • For dates and times see the schedule below
  • For detailed information about laboratories click here

All protocols and reports from laboratory works must be delivered to teachers before the test (December 11th, 2017). Your presence at the laboratory works is compulsory and is part of the classification. All students must wear a laboratory coat.


1st lecture Mon 18.09.  B32
Prof. Bubník
Trends in Food Engineering
2nd lecture Thu 21.09.   B33
Prof. Bubník
Mass transfer, Nucleation
Crystallization in food technologies
3rd lecture Mon 25.09.  B32
Dr. Henke
Supercritical fluid extraction
BANK HOLIDAY Thu  28.09.
Session canceled
4th lecture Mon 02.10.  B32
Prof. Bubník
Photocatalytic and high pressure processes in food technologies
5th lecture Thu 05.10.   B33
Prof. Bubník
Thermal processes, Unsteady-state heat transfer, Heating, Cooling
6th lecture Mon 09.10.  B32
Prof. Bubník
Particles size distribution
Granulometric analysis
7th lecture Thu 12.10.   B33
Prof. Bubník
Application of vapour diagrams
Physical properties of food
8th lecture Mon 16.10.  B32
Doc. Šárka
Computer image analysis in food technologies
9th lecture 
+ laboratory presentation
Thu 19.10.   B33
Doc. Šárka
Computer image analysis in food technologies
10th lecture Mon 23.10.  B32
Dr. Hinková
Introduction into membrane
separation processes
11th lecture
Thu 26.10.   B33
Dr. Hinková
Rejection, retention, filtration efficiency
12th lecture Mon 30.10.  B32
Dr. Hinková
Pressure-driven membrane separation processes
13th lecture Thu 02.11.   B33
Dr. Hinková
Membrane processes in a electric field gradient
14th lecture Mon 06.11.  B32
Dr. Hinková
Membrane applications in food
and pharmaceutical industry
Session canceled
15th lecture
+ laboratory presentation
Mon 13.11.  B32
Dr. Henke
Chromatographic and ionex separation
16th lecture
+ laboratory presentation
Thu 16.11.   B33
Dr. Henke
Chromatographic and ionex separation
RECTOR'S DAY Mon 20.11. Session canceled
1st laboratory presentation Thu 23.11.
Dr. Henke/ Dr. Pour
Chromatographic separation/ Membrane separation
2nd laboratory presentation Mon 27.11.
Dr. Henke/ Dr. Pour
Chromatographic separation/ Membrane separation
3rd laboratory presentation Thu 30.11.
Dr. Henke/ Dr. Pour
Chromatographic separation/ Membrane separation
4th laboratory presentation Mon 4.12.
Dr. Švec/ Dr. Jurkaninová
Rheological properties of foods
5th laboratory presentation Thu 7.12.
Dr. Švec/ Dr. Jurkaninová
Rheological properties of foods
TEST Mon 11.12.

Timetable to download:

Below you can download the lectures:

  • Lecture 1a - Prof. Bubník - Introduction and Trends in Processes
  • Lecture 1b - Prof. Bubník - Trends - Examples
  • Lecture 2 - Prof. Bubník - Crystallization, CSD
  • Lecture 3a - Prof. Bubník - Photocatalysis Modelling
  • Lecture 4b - Prof. Bubník - Ultrasound
  • Lecture 4a - Prof. Bubník - Drying, Air Condition
  • Lecture 6 - Hinkova, PhD. - Introduction into Membrane Separation Processes
  • Lecture 7 - Hinkova, PhD. - Food Application of Membrane Separation Processes
  • Lecture 8 - Henke, PhD. - Introduction into Chromatographic Separation
  • Lecture 5b - Henke, PhD. - Set-up of the Chromatographic Process
  • Lecture 5a - Henke, PhD. - Supercritical Fluid Extraction
  • Lecture 10 - Prof. Šárka - Image Analysis

Laboratory manuals to download:

List of topics for test:

  • The teachers will give you the main topics for the test. You can download it here.

Test results:

  • Results download here.


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